(the following topics include but are not limited to)

Business strategies and information systems

Management information systems

Information systems planning and management

Adoption of information technology in organizations

Human factors in information systems

Knowledge-based systems or expert systems

Hybrid intelligent systems

System analysis and design methods

Database design

Object-oriented enterprise modelling

Automated mediation in group support systems

Distributed information systems

Software for business and management

Software copyright infringements

Accounting and financial information systems

Internet Technology

Auditing and IT Governance

Information quality and strategies

Decision Support Systems

Information Systems Management


Information Technology Management

IT Education and Society

Knowledge Management

Enterprise Information Systems-ERP

Public Policy Management

Software Engineering and Software Development

Project Management

Open source software

IT and IS Security

Information and Communication Technology

IT and IS Innovation

Digital business

Software agents and intelligent agents

Social media

Quantum information

Quantum strategies

Computational intelligence

Quantum games and quantum models for business, management & engineering

Big data

Web analytics

Digital analytics

Business intelligence

Competitive intelligence

Virtual reality for business

Blockchain Applications of blockchain technology

Metaverse technology

Access control

Network security

Computer and digital forensics

Social network security, privacy and trust

Language-based security

Security protocols and validation

Intrusion detection

Software defines network security


The safety management

Web security

Embedded System security

Security models, standards, and policies

Fraud and cybercrime

Trust and reputation system

Authentication and Authorization

Big data security and privacy

Mobile computing security and privacy

Applied cryptography

Hardware security

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  • Submission Deadline: 2023.12.20
  • Registration Deadline: 2023.12.25
  • Conference Date: 2023.12.30
  • Notification Date: About a week after the submission
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